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If your property depends on a well for water, you can't simply call out the local utility company when the pump or tank needs repair. Taking care of these important components is also no time to go it alone. The Pine n’ Dandy Plumbing team is more than ready and equipped to handle almost any service related to your property's water supply well. We serve clients in:

Pinehurst, NC

Southern Pine, NC

Carthage, NC

Aberdeen, NC

Robbins, NC

Seven Lakes, NC

Cameron, NC

Whispering Pines, NC

Pinebluff, NC

Vass, NC

Foxfire, NC

Taylortown, NC

We also service:

Harnett County, NC

Lee County, NC

Richmond County, NC


The Roles of Well Pumps and Well Tanks


Your tank's well pump is designed to move water from an underground aquifer to the point of use at the ground surface. The water is then stored in the pressurized well tank until it's needed at some location in your home. Both these components must function properly in order for water to reach your sinks, showers, toilets, and other fixtures.

A well that's equipped with a high-quality pump can operate just as reliably as a public or private water utility. When your property is served by a private well, you don't have to worry about utility outages and other problems that occasionally occur with the public water supply. You also don't have to deal with chlorine and other added chemicals that are sometimes found in or added to municipal water sources.

Issues to Watch Out For


In some instances, a well pump will simply give out with little to no prior warning, but routine maintenance and inspection can head off many problems before they have a chance to cause complete failure. Unusual sounds from the pump and sporadic fluctuations in water pressure are two signs that you may be facing well pump or piping issues.

Pine n’ Dandy Plumbing has been meeting the needs of residents of Vass, NC, and surrounding areas for 20 years. Our crew's well pump and tank expertise come highly recommended by many of your local friends and neighbors. One reason is we offer a fast response, punctual service and prompt, professional workmanship. We also take pride in furnishing a level of customer care that's difficult to match.

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