Drain Cleaning

Thorough Drain Cleaning in Pinehurst, NC, and Neighboring Areas


Poorly functioning drains can cause myriad problems, but the team at Pine n’ Dandy Plumbing offers a full suite of drain cleaning and maintenance services. Our solutions can make sure that you and other local property owners in the vicinity of Vass, NC don't have to deal with these unpleasant issues. Whether you've only recently noticed a possible drain blockage or you've suspected that drain problems have been brewing at your property for some time, our team will provide dependable, professional cleaning work. Expect us to eliminate the obstruction once and for all.

Main Causes of Clogging


A clogged drain that occurs with little or no warning is likely the result of a single large item that has unexpectedly found its way into a drain line while slowly developing clogs are generally caused by the gradual accumulation of grease, hair, and paper products inside the line. Tree roots and pipeline damage are also behind a significant percentage of sewer and drain back-ups.

A drain that has become completely blocked is certain to benefit from professional drain cleaning services. Gurgling or sloshing sounds coming from your drains and plumbing are sure signs of a partially obstructed line that needs clearing out. Additional signs to look out for include unexplained foul smells emanating from a drain and increasingly slow flow rates for one or more drains inside your home.


Advantages of Professional Cleaning over DIY


Extracting or breaking up a drain clog may seem like an extremely easy job that even an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer can manage, but our drain cleaning company recommends against this action. Our personnel is backed by extensive drain cleaning experience and possesses up-to-date equipment that's safe for use on all types of plumbing. You can rely on us to perform our work quickly and without causing any peripheral damage to your plumbing or fixtures.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority at Pine n’ Dandy Plumbing. We only use high-quality plumbing supplies and replacement parts on every job, large or small, and we work hard to maintain good communication with the client at critical points along the way. We also offer prompt scheduling options and competitive pricing to keep our services within reach of everyone in these areas we serve:

  • Pinehurst, NC

  • Southern Pine, NC

  • Carthage, NC

  • Aberdeen, NC

  • Robbins, NC

  • Seven Lakes, NC

  • Cameron, NC

  • Whispering Pines, NC

  • Pinebluff, NC

  • Vass, NC

  • Foxfire, NC

  • Taylortown, NC

We also service:

  • Harnett County, NC

  • Lee County, NC

  • Richmond County, NC

Rely on Our Drain Cleaning Experts Today


Need the professional expertise that only a highly trained plumber can provide for clogged drain issues? Don't hesitate to call or fill out the form to schedule an appointment with us at your convenience. The Pine n’ Dandy Plumbing team looks forward to working with you.