Water Conditioning

Professional Water Conditioning Services in Pinehurst, NC, and Nearby Areas


If the water at your home has a noticeable chemical taste or smell, a water conditioning unit may be in order. The Pine n’ Dandy Plumbing team installs water conditioning units for residential property owners throughout Moore, Lee, Harnett, and Richmond County. We only source our products from reputable, well-known manufacturers. Let us have the opportunity to tailor a solution to deliver cleaner, better-tasting water for you and your family to enjoy.

Water Issues We Address


Chlorine that has been intentionally added by the water treatment facility to control the growth of biological contaminants is one of the most common reasons that local property owners seek out our water treatment services. Lead, volatile organic compounds, and other trace substances are also sometimes found in the local drinking water supply. Although these substances may not be present in amounts that impact life and health, even small quantities of some chemicals can significantly diminish the taste, odor, and appearance of a property's drinking water.

All About Water Conditioning


The terms water conditioning and water softening are sometimes used interchangeably, but significant differences exist between the two treatment processes. A water conditioning unit generally relies on basic filtration of the water to reduce the concentration of unwanted substances while water softening takes advantage of a specific chemical process to remove the minerals that cause water hardness. Whole-house water conditioners are installed near the location where the water line enters the structure and provide treated water throughout the entire property.


Benefits of Water Conditioning


Water conditioners are highly effective at removing many undesirable chemicals from the water supply. Some water conditioners are even capable of offering limited protection against lime-scale build-up by utilizing a specialized filter medium that alters the structure of the hardness-causing minerals without introducing sodium back into the water supply. Most water conditioners also operate independently of an electrical power source and require very little maintenance and upkeep over the life of the unit.

We offer water conditioning and other services in:

  • Pinehurst, NC

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We also service:

  • Harnett County, NC

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  • Richmond County, NC

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Pine n’ Dandy Plumbing has an extensive history that includes providing water conditioning services to Vass and surrounding areas of Moore, Lee, Harnett, and Richmond County in North Carolina. We always conduct a free water test to determine how to proceed and offer numerous options to suit the needs of our diverse clientele. Call us or fill out the form today to schedule your appointment with us.